In Which Situations EAGLE Plays Active Role?

EAGLE products such as toe jacks and machine skates (or rollers) for carrying heavy machineries are tools used when installing industrial machines or changing the layout of factories.

EAGLE machinery skates are used for moving when installation, setting, aligning and leveling industrial machines such as CNC machines and laser cutting machines inside the factory.

EAGLE toe jacks are mainly used in the following three situations:

  • When changing the direction of the machinery skates while moving the industrial machine.
  • When removing the machinery skates from the industrial machine after moving.
  • When adjusting the height of the machine during installation, setting up.

The power wedge and toe jacks with slide table are used for precision alignment of the machine installation position. When setting up a machine that connects multiple machines such as a printing machine or semiconductor manufacturing equipment to form a single machine, use a power wedge or a toe jack with slide table to efficiently assemble and precisely align the machine system.

The two-stage short cylinder and the MM blocks are used when trying to put a heavy machinery skates under the industrial machinery or equipment.
It is also used together with toe jack when removing machinery skates from an industrial equipment.

What Is Toe Jack?

A toe jack (also known as a floor jack) is a heavy-duty piece of equipment that is designed to lift heavy machinery or equipment with very low or high clearances . The 'Toe' is the fork-like part at the front of the Toe Jack which slots underneath the load you wish to lift. Toe jacks are ideal for moving loads that are lower down on the floor, such as heavy machinery. Nowadays, toe jack has 2 lifting points at both its toe and head, increasing the jack’s function than before

Heaviest Use In Japan Now Ready In Asia

In Japan, industrial machines and equipment are often brought in within a few days when the factory is not in operation, or in the holiday period. In addition, Japanese companies such as Toyota, Honda and Tokyo Electron frequently carry out KAIZEN (continuous improvement). In Kaizen activities, they often relocate machines inside the factory. This machinery relocation must be done during non-working hours. Therefore, the requirements for millwright companies are the most stringent, and their work always demands precision and high skills

Being the No. 1 market share in Japan (70%) and the cumulative number of sales (280,000 units) *, EAGLE products have been sold achieving Japan’s No.1 market share (70%). EAGLE is now the best partner for moving and transportation industry in Japan.
* (The statistics as of year 2019)

EAGLE, The Originator Of Toe Jacks

The very first toe jack was brought to the market by EAGLE in 1976. Before the toe jack, only jacks available were portable hydraulic jacks, but they had not been able to meet the field workers demand for a jack to fit in a small gap at low positions. EAGLE took up the demand and successfully developed its first toe jack. Since then, EAGLE has been releasing its new family products such as toe jacks with slide table and power wedge, and machinery skate (machinery mover), etc. to swiftly respond and shape new field demand for improvement and new functions of its toe jacks.

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