Toe Jack

Which capacity of jacks should be used to lift 20 ton machinery with 4 jacks?

4 jacks with capacity of 10 ton is needed to lift 20 ton machinery.
With 20 ton machinery, each EAGLE toe jack should be used with capacity of 10 ton for safety (20 ton x 1/2 = 10 ton). Since the machinery is lifted up with 4 points, it is easily considered to have 4 jacks with capacity of 5 ton, but when lifting up, there are times when 4 units are not evenly aligned. In the worst case, the load may be applied to two points.

Is it possible to lift a heavy object with a jack and leave it for 24 hours with centering (level adjustment)?

The hydraulic jack expands and contracts the oil due to the difference in temperature, and the expansion and contraction of the jack can be up to about 1 mm at day and night. Also, some subsidence is unavoidable when holding under pressure. After centering, do not support it only with the jack, but support it with a holding table for the height of the jack to prevent sinking.

Can EAGLE toe jack be laid down for using ?

EAGLE toe jack G-60, G-60L, G-100, G-100L and toe jack remote can be laid down for using

Can the toe jack be used underwater such as the seabed?

Do not use in water, seawater, muddy water, etc. Rust in each part of the jack or water entering the jack may cause a malfunction.

Can the toe jack be used upside down?

Portable toe jack (G series etc.) cannot be used upside down.
The remote toe jack can be used upside down.

Is it possible to change the oil on the toe jack easily?

Yes. Oil changing can be used yourself. Use “ISO VG32 oil” when replacing.

Can toe jack be used at low temperature of -35℃ to -45℃?

The operating temperature range of the EAGLE toe jack is -10℃ to +55℃. The low temperature of -35℃ to -45℃ is below the low temperature limit of oil and O-ring, so it cannot be used.

What is the lever operation angle?

It is about 50° (5° below horizontal and 45° above horizontal) depending on the model.

Machinery Skate

Can the machinery skate be used underwater?

Avoid using the heavy load carrier underwater. It will rust and will be difficult to reuse. In addition, the grease applied between the wheels may come off and cause a malfunction.

Is it possible to leave the object on it for a long time?

Not very desirable. Avoid leaving the object on it for a long period of time as much as possible. The wheels of the heavy load carrier are made of urethane. If urethane wheels continue to receive weight in the same place for a long time, the wheels may be dented at only one point.
If the wheel is dented, it will rattle and it is very dangerous.

Can you tell me which roller to use to move a 4 ton object?

Please use four rollers with a load capacity of 2 ton. When transporting a 5 ton machine with 4 eagle rollers, 2 of them may receive the full load. Therefore, it is necessary to select a roller that can receive the full load and have sufficient capacity even if it is transported by four rollers.

Remote Toe Jack

Can Remote Toe Jack be used upside down?

Yes. Eagle Remote Toe Jack “K-S series” can be used upside down.

Toe Jack with Slide Table

Is it possible to “put a heavy object on the head” of Toe Jack with Slide Table

No. It is impossible.
Remote Toe Jack is not designed for use on the head.
Please use only the toe part of the jack for lifting or moving. Do not apply a load to the head of the jack as it is dangerous

Is it possible to move a long distance while a heavy object is placed on Toe Jack with Slide Table

No.It is impossible
Toe Jack with Slide Table is not designed for long-distance moving. Please consider that the movement width of urethane wheels is the same as the base stroke (about 100 mm).

Is it possible to purchase only the base part of the toe jack with slide table?

No. It is impossible
We do not sell only the base part (or base part with slide table). Toe Jack with Slide Table integrates the base and its jack with a [dove groove guide] , and the shape of the jack’s base is also different from the normal jack.

Power Wedge

Is it possible to connect the power wedge body to a double-acting electric pump made by another company?

Yes. It is possible.
Please use the suitable manual pump.

Is it possible to use a single power wedge when pushing a horizontally long machine sideways?

For reliable work, we recommend working with two units at both ends.
For machines with a long width, basically push the machine sideways over both ends. Pushing a horizontally long machine with a single power wedge makes it extremely difficult to push in parallel.
(Make the opposite side of the set slippery)

Is it okay to operate a double acting cylinder of another company with the power wedge pump (KB-07W)?

The check valve is not attached to K-07W. Therefore, do not use cylinders with other companies.

Is it possible to connect two single-acting cylinders to the power wedge pump (K-07W)?

It cannot be used in such a form. Please recognize it as a double-acting manual pump. When using a single-acting cylinder, select a single-acting manual pump

Is it possible to apply a diagonal load?

The load direction should be within 6 degrees.
Select a jack that has at least twice the capacity to lift. Make sure that the installation surface and the jack base are on the entire surface with an iron plate or the like.

Short Cylinder Jack

Is it possible to use it with a manual pump made by another company?

Even other companies’ products can be used with hydraulic pumps with the highest pressure (70MPa). In that case, check the connection couplers in each part and arrange them for the same manufacturer.
If you connect couplers from other manufacturers, problems may occur.

Is it possible to use it with an electric pump?

It is possible

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