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  • Toe Jack

    Toe Jack is a kind of hydraulic bottle jack which is attached with toe part to lift heavy machinery or equipment at very low or high position gap of about 20 mm

  • Machinery Skate

    Machinery Skates (also called machinery rollers) are used for moving and carriage the heavy industrial machinery or equipment inside the factory such as CNC machine, lathe cutting machine, etc.

  • Remote Toe Jack

    Remote Toe Jack is one type of toe jack which is connected with external pump and hydraulic hose. It is possible to operate jack remotely for the safety work.

  • Toe Jack with Slide Table

    It is a kind of toe jack that allows fine adjustment of front, back, left and right with a heavy object placed on the toe. Used for assembling during installation of heavy machineries such as printing machines and semiconductor manufacturing equipment.

  • Power Wedge

    Power Wedge is a tool for pushing the machine and aligning it in units of 1 mm when setting the industrial machine. It can be used without receiving reaction force instead of using bar.

  • Short Cylinder Jack

    Short Cylinder Jack is a low-floor (short height) high stroke cylinder jack. It is operated by connecting to an external pump / high pressure hose. It is often used with machinery skate

  • MM Block

    MM Block is one kind of heaving machinery holding block which is made of plastic (resin) that can be stacked together for using. MM Block is used to secure the heavy machinery when jacking up/down. 

  • Lifting Jack

    Lifting Jack is one type of jack enables vertical lifting or lowering heavy items from an access of only 9.5mm

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